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Non Trader Challenges

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i'm working on a gameplay series that has no traders on the map, but i would still like to do the challenges that i find in loot.

i have tried the following 2 lines of code, and they both do not seem to work. i have tried them together and i have tried them individually

<remove xpath="/quests/quest[contains(@id, 'challenge')]/property[@name='completiontype']" />
<remove xpath="/quests/quest[contains(@id, 'challenge')]/objective[@type='InteractWithNPC']" />

using the following challenge as an example:

the property of "completiontype" value= "TurnIn" i was going to use <set xpath> but there is no other completion type for me to set it to. the basic survival quest (which is completed without having to turn in or return to trader) does not have a completion type. does anyone know how i can achieve this? 

<quest id="challenge_silenceofthelambs">
        <property name="name_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs"/>
        <property name="subtitle_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_subtitle"/>
        <property name="description_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_offer"/>
        <property name="icon" value="ui_game_symbol_zombie"/>
        <property name="repeatable" value="true"/>
        <property name="category_key" value="challenge"/>
        <property name="offer_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_offer"/>
        <property name="difficulty" value="insane"/>
        <property name="completiontype" value="TurnIn"/>

        <objective type="RandomGoto" value="500-800" phase="1">
            <property name="completion_distance" value="50"/>
            <property name="nav_object" value="quest" />

        <objective type="RallyPoint">
            <property name="start_mode" value="Create"/>
            <property name="phase" value="2"/>
            <property name="nav_object" value="rally" />

        <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieScreamer" value="2" phase="3"/>
        <objective type="ZombieKill" id="zombieScreamer" value="2" phase="3"/>

        <objective type="InteractWithNPC">
            <property name="phase" value="4"/>

        <reward type="Exp" value="500"/>
        <!-- You can define a range of rewards like <reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="200-500"/> -->
        <reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="350"/>

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But if the chain of survival ends when you talk to the merchant, it doesn't end alone.

This is this line at the end of the chain of survival that caught my attention, it can still be useful.


<property name="use_closest" value="true" />


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Why do you need a completion type at all? If you simply remove the last objective (phase 4) the quest will complete after killing two screamers.

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Yep, there isn't a value to set it to.  Just delete that line and you're done.  Look at the treasure map quests.  They work the same way.

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Your two lines of code are perfect and are needed to make what you want. I tested them.  I wonder, if maybe how you set up the file if there is a naming error or in the wrong spot which is why it isn't working for you? If this is your first mod, you will need several specific files in specific locations for the game to recognize it? Let me know your thoughts and I will see what I can do to help!

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