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No wild zombies/deer on War of the Walkers Server?

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Hey guys,


atm you´re my last hope. Me and some friends wanted to player the "War of the Walkers"-Mod and deciced to get a server for that.

So I set up a server on 4players and tried to install the mod.


What I did was: Like on my computer I copied the "Data" and "Mods" Folder of WotW to the serverside installation. It all worked fine. Me and my friends could join the server and everything but this ONE thing worked. There are absolutely NO wild zombies and deer (we´ve been walking for days and found absolutely nothing.. empty streets and empty wilderness).


I can´t find any settings options on 4players, that would help. Not in basic mode nor in advanced mode, where you can configure the serverconfig yourself (maxspawned zombies line is not there).


Today I talked to the support and their employee said they´re not responsible for mods and I have to look for the right settings on the mod myself. So here we are. I found something on the internet which says I need to have a serverside version and a clientside version. Is that right? Could that be the problem? But then again I can´t find a source for the serverside and clientside files either on the newest version. I DID find the normal clientside version for alpha 19 but nothing else?


Does anyone have any hint? I don´t know how to go on :(




[EDIT] When I´m hosting a game on my computer normally there is no problem with the wild zombies or deer. Only for the running server.

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I made a WotW server for my friends last night and we encountered the same problems - no critters, no wandering zeds (they're just in the POIs).
I also got a few errors regarding the larger wandering hordes that mention the spawning.xml file.
This morning, I've been trying different things to see if I can fix it - no joy. So, here I am, along with you.

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