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Sound and AI response


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Simulating sound, for AI activation.


The game incorporates, Heat bloom for attracting AI attention, prior was
also a smell actuator for AI. Light emission presently is a bit more passive but still
exists.  The one that does not feel as evenly actuated is sound.


Its usually a hit and miss as to whether it will work during personal gameplay.

Most Ai seems to react through Raycast, and direct line of sight, this includes
using weapons of varying decibels, Light emissions, tracking.


I don't think this idea has presently been used in too many games, but, here is my query.

For each of the sounds emitted is it possible to attach a simple square shaped
invisible collider?  Each collider would be of varying size. Depending on the sound
value applied. They are centered on the emitter, Be it player, falling tree, building,
destruction, workstation/forge/chemstation, firing a weapon, walking, opening a door
or box. For solid objects, the collider could penetrate it like bullets through the
bars, but they would act as a reducer or blocker.


Example: If firing an M60 in an open field, any AI struck by the collider would change
and begin heading in the direction of the sound. Eventually their ray cast would  direct
them to the source.


This could also work for stealth, sneaking up on the AI from behind, would allow for real
stealth that is dependent upon speed of approach. If they are walking through grass or a high
yield sound actuator it would reduce the  sound collider size of the stealth approach. If they
are standing still then it would simulate listening, and increase the collider size.


In regard to POI's it would drastically change how clearing on is approached.

Stealth clearing VS Run and Gun Vs Brawler. Each would have its own pros and cons. If a person
does the Kite long distance action then it would work just like doing a fetch or clear quest,
and reset the volume.


Excess sound would penetrate walls floors and ceilings, potentially bringing all to the player
position. Excess sound could also be used to actuate volumes on multiple levels, increasing
the threat. Z-AI it would be prudent to put them down as soon as possible even with stealth
because their growls would also have a collider that can awaken other zombies becoming a cascading


A square is 2D, to actuate 3d a second square collider can be used in vertical position also centered
on the emitter.


So instead of needing 360' or 360 raycasts per sound one compound collider could be used to
simulate AI sound activation. Breadcrumbs

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