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Death penalty.


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Death should have a more serious penalty.
I'm wondering if anyone knows how to keep all debuffs when dying, and if dying from infection to respawn back with 75% infection. Also spawning back with 50% food and water.


I've been looking in the xml but it's a little mind boggling for me.

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Its going to be a pain, but should be possible, I think.  Look in buffs.xml


Keep debuffs:

<buff name="buffStatusCheck01" hidden="true" remove_on_death="false">


You'll need to add that remove_on_death="false" to every debuff you want to not get cleared.


Respawning with infection:

Add to buffStatusCheck01, an onSelfRespawn check that adds infection level.  It'll take some tweaking, I'm sure, to make it 75% but should be doable.


Respawn with less food/heatlh:

again, in buffs.xml

<buff name="buffDeathFoodDrinkAdjust" hidden="true" remove_on_death="false">


Looks like they just set it to 25000 and let the cap push it down to whatever the player's max is.  Doing a % is a hassle, I'd rec. just giving it a fixed value like 50 or 75 food.


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Thank you very much!
This works, I removed a buff in the entityclasses regarding the food and drink, respawning retains your food, though water still gets refilled (confusing!) but I'm ok with that since water is literally everywhere anyway.
As for infection, I have it so if you die from it you respawn without any infection.

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