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Survivor wishes (add or repair). Butthurt of survior


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English not my legacy language



Manifest of one survivor...

After long time traveling (7 real hours) many miles and 3 towns, I lost motivation to stay alive and jump into zombie horde... (Close game... But soon open again...) And I tell why.

I was play oldest version (17-18) and than I felt in game real horror, real survival simulation, world endless feeling, but now, in travel, I see world where's: (single game) I, siamese zombie which senseless to kill, and tools with weapons were became not far from stone axe. I enter in cheat mode and see so many things which I or don't meet in survival, or can't craft them CAUSE or I don't know it, or I don't know it, because I don't know it.

I adult man or woman and I need recipe for boiled meet or becon with eggs. I know what iron harder than wood, but I cannot imagine simple peace of iron stick, it's strictly must be wood bet or some hemorrhoid super iron-wood-....-leather BET.

I back to item spawn. I looted too much safes, garbages of "weapon" and chests , IN NO ONE OF THEM I MEET AT LEAST PISTOL. 7 days I move across nevezgane and my inventory full of magnum, pistol, shotgun ammo, God safe trader for AK47. Of course y'all can talk about bad luck.... I create 2 big worlds, discover them through godmode, and problem left. In my survival map I spend biggest part of 6 day to find ammo and weapon in the... BIG GUN MESSIAH COMPLEX, with f$ckin wood bat and little ammo 7.62mm to AK, to end of my journey I find half part of ammo which I spend, two blunderbuss and some other useless sh!t and modifications. Why modification useless? Where I can put them? Here I almost died of hungry. 

About zombie killing. In oldest versions I can collect bones and fat from zombies, know I cannot do with corpse nothing, no loot, no necrophilia... Where did you hide the plain? World became so poor, to much building were nothing to find. Most needed resource for me it's 7.62mm ammo. I lost any hope to find some of real tool and weapon. One time I find hammer, once I find hunting rifle, here my happiness end, and wish to play over.

If short, here problems.

1. To much places where I can find none. For what do big building with zombie if I know what go there useless?

2. I such a little maggot (kid), which nosh!t know, can greel meat to black color and don't know how do simple things. Give to my survivor more brain.

3. World too contrast, is it cartoon? GIVE ME BACK PLAINT, endless land with real atmosphere of HORROR.

4. More food on the forest. Parody on deer with pathetic chicken it's all what exist? Thanks God wolf and boar with bear sometimes go on the party.


Creatures PLEASE more useful loot.


From good sides.

You all do big work (i work on unity too) and add in new version to many items, what grateful. What real awesome it's optimization, I see y'all requirements, my laptop cannot launch normally this game what I see in 19.1 (always crashed from buffer error), but after 19.2 became a miracle. 


Do how you think right, but feeling of horror and hopelessness must exist with powerful possibilities, that do any game similar on our existing.


P.S. Jetpack will be nice

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