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[EU] ☣ Real Survivors | PvP | 400% EXP | 150% Loot | Active Admins | High Performance ☣

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Difficulty: Normal

Exp: 400%

Loot: 150%

Day Night Length: 90 Min.

Day Light Length: 18

Drop on Death: Backpack only

Drop on quit: Nothing

Max. Spawned Zombies: 75
Max. Spawned Animals: 50

Bloodmoon Enemy Count: 12
Loot respawn Days: 3
Land Claim Expiry Time: 14

Land Claim Decay Mode: Linear

Land Claim ONLINE Durability modifier: 16

Land Claim Offline Durability modifier: 48

Zombie Speed Normal: Jog

Zombie Speed Night: Nightmare

Zombie Speed Feral: Nightmare

Zombie Speed Bloodmoon: Sprint




1. Commands
/fps - Shows the server FPS
/day7 - Shows information about the server
/bloodmoon - Shows the time of the blood moon
/gimme - A random item (usable every 60 minutes)
/stuck - Get rid of stuck bugs
/suicide - suicide
/pm - private message
/rm - answer to private message


2. House system
/sethome - House set
/delhome - House remove
/home - Teleport to the house (usable every 60 minutes)


3. Other Features
Trader are 24/7 open
Vehicles have more seats


4. Server Restarts
00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 MESZ




1. General rules
1.0. Each user is to be treated with respect.
1.1. Insults or discriminatory content against groups will not be tolerated.
1.2. Third party providers who provide unfair advantages will be punished with a permanent ban.
1.3. Taking advantage of in-game errors is not permitted and will be punished depending on the case.
1.4. Server-side errors are to be reported to an administrator in-game or in TeamSpeak; failure to report them will be penalized depending on the case.
1.5. Users who exploit bugs or use third-party providers who provide unfair advantages should be reported, failure to report these users leads to a permanent ban.


2. Trader rules
2.0. Attacking and killing players is not allowed on traders and within a radius of 100m.
2.1. Tracking a player from Trader is prohibited and can be investigated.
2.2. Attacking abandoned vehicles is prohibited within 1000m of a trader.


3. Baseboot rules
3.0. It is not allowed to rob a base with zombies.





TeamSpeak³: Coming soon

Discord: Coming soon


7daystodie-servers.com: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90325/

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