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New Ded.Server connection Timeouts

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Hello all,
I've migrated our world from my local pc to a dedicated server I've setup on our lan.
While the server was posted publicly for testing purposes and to make sure that'd work as a possibility, I'm up against a weird wall here.

I seem to not be able to connect to it from the machine that was originally hosting the local game. Other boxes on the network can connect properly and join completely, however this one cannot.

This PC has been able to login to games hosted on another local machine AND random servers from the list. Just this one.

Ostensibly port forwarding is setup correctly (other pcs can join the server).

It just times out consistently. Not sure why.

Grabbing a wireshark cap to see if there are rejections, server console doesn't even record these connection attempts.

So. Just looking for a push in the right direction.


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