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Correct format for using domain name in Connect by IP ?

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Hi, can anyone point me to the correct format and settings to allow using a domain name in the IP Address field when using Connect by IP option ?


Last time I ran a Linux server (about v17.x IIRC) this option was working but not working for me now (under A19.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTE).


Currently tried <domain name> but that's not working (where <domain name> is my domain name as supplied by No-Ip.com)

Haven't tried prefixing it using say  http://<domain name>


Yes, using ping returns a response from the <domain name> so it is spelt and responding correctly.


With a brief search through the config options information I haven't found what the specific format needs to be so any pointers (pun intended) gratefully received.

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Because our website is not hosted at the same location I created a subdomain.


Our main website is mastersofchaosgaming.com  Connect-url that points to the server hardware is connect.mastersofchaosgaming.com


We then just replace the connect address with the domain url. 






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@SylenThunder - tried this but no-one could join.

Had feedback that this returned a message of "Friend is not currently playing" (words to that effect), which doesn't make sense since this is to a __dedicated__ server for just that reason, so any one of them can join and not need anyone else playing at the time.

Is "Steam://connect ..." associated with a Steam Link device ?


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