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Sector Slain PVP Arena and Survival Server (Wiped 10/5)

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Sector Slain PVP Arena and Survival Server (Wiped 10/5)
Active admins and discord.

In game commands including /home (Teleport to set location)

/shop (Purchase items from topics housing, books, clothing, medic, ammo, machines, food, and misc)

/pack (teleport to last death

Currency to use commands from zombie kills (Persistent through wipes).

Allowed 4 land claims per person.

Arena events, custom random gen map, admin created vending machines, and other specialties.


Server Rules:

What goes around comes around. We're all here to have fun, so hide your contempt for everyone else while playing here.
Don't cheat. This includes all forms of cheating. You will get banned and that's not fun for anyone.
No Hordestomping. This is getting a bunch of zombies together and using them to break open another player's Claimed base. We will find out and we will ban you. With lightning and Prejudice.
No claiming POI'S. A POI is any pre-built location that generates stuff you can loot. Please keep landclaims approximately 100 blocks from a city.
Lock yer doors. We've got unbreakable landclaims. If someone walks into your base and steals your stuff because you left the door open, we're gonna laugh at you. We have server logs to determine if you were dumb, or someone cheated.
Please speak respectfully in chat. We'll give you a warning. Do it again, and we're gonna ban ya. It's our call whether or not you were nasty enough for that, and how we feel about it varies on our mood. Don't push it.
We are a PVP Server. Dont' cry about getting killed. If your buddy mows you over with a truck, We're gonna laugh.


Server IP
Port 19112
Version Alpha 19 (b180)

Full Day 60 minutes
Max Player count 30

Random Gen World
Game Mode Survival
Difficulty Setting Survivalist
XP Multiplier 80%
Loot Abundance 110%
Loot Respawn Time 7 days
Drop on Death Toolbelt Only
Drop on Quit Nothing
Air Drops Every 3 Days
Player Killing: Kill Everyone
Claim Size 41 Blocks
Claim Deadzone 30 Blocks
Claim Duration 7 days
Claim Decay Mode Slow
Claim Health Online Infinite
Claim Health Offline Infinite
Party Shared Kill Range 500 M
Bedroll duration 14 days

Blood Moon Count 12 Enemies
Zombie Day Speed walk
Zombie Night Speed sprint
Zombie Feral Speed Nightmare
Zombie Blood Moon Speed Nightmare
Max Zombies 120
Max Animals 50
Show Friends On Map On
AI Blood Moon Block Damage 100%
Cheat Mode off
Mark Air Drops On
Enemy Spawning On

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