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I've been toying around with creating my first mod, primarily editing the XML files. I have made some changes to the Attributes by effectively replacing Perception with Dexterity and then moving the perks around. After replacing Perception I fired it up to test and noticed that I no longer even have the option to scrap any items. My first thought is that it's somehow tied to Scavenging by way of my change to Perception, but I can't actually find anything that determines when the scrap button appears. I've replaced every instance of Perception with Dexterity in progression.xml and in the Localization.txt file. Any suggestions on where I might look?

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After the change, were you starting a fresh game, or continuing a previous experimental game? If it's the latter, I've found that some changes to the game (especially the Progression.xml) can seriously bork an existing world. That's all I can offer you.

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