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Welsh Hunter (Youtuber)

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My name is Josh, I’m a Youtuber who’s been uploading loads of 7DTD content for the last few years!


heres a playlist of all my Content! Please help a fellow survivor out by Subscribing!


ill be live tonight on our weekly Live Stream Sunday’s on 7DTD as we carry on with our horde night base! 19:30pm British Time!All of my 7 Days To Die Content! Please Subscribe!



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Hello Everyone my name is Josh and I am. Youtuber from South Wales UK!


i have been making 7 Days To Die Content for a few years and have decided to jump on the forum and Show you some of the things I have done! MORE ON THE WAY TOO!


here is a playlist of everything I have done apart from Live streams!

a fair few of the vids have done really well in terms of Views!


please help a fellow Survivor out with a Subscribe and by liking a few of the vids!



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