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Provide In Game GUI Save File Creation

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I created this account to make this request: implement in game save file creation functionality.


I applaud the spirit of trying to force players to rely on one save. "Dead is Dead" Neurosis is on my medical charts. However . . . You CANNOT force end-users to do anything they do not really want to do, and by taking away the option for users to easily create save files you expose them to the vagaries of hardware/power/software-conflict disasters which can quite literally destroy a play session (in singleplayer).


Point of note: I've been having some issues with my GPU. Eventually I'll get on with my hardware retailer and do another screen share and diagnose it and maybe they will just replace it. In any event, I haven't done that yet, so I have some hardware that is a bit questionable especially on higher settings. I monitor it and pamper it but occasionally it surprises.


So there I was playing along in a singleplayer session of 7DaysToDie, probably roundabout Level 12 and maybe 30 hours invested into that session. I mainly play this when buddy who is in a different time zone is offline and playing on the 2 day horde server he runs isn't a good idea. After playing the singleplayer session for a while, I noticed my fan speed and GPU temp were building up and realized I'd been continuous for several hours and decided to shut down. Everything seemed to be fine. I put the PC to sleep went and did other things and came back hours later. Buddy was online so I said "Hey I want you to check out this base I built in my solo game." cool he says. So I fire it up (he already knew the name and pw) and when I attempt to join whole system crashes. Reboot, get back online with buddy and explain what just happened and attempt to fire it up the second time. Still says Day 8, but my character spawns in as a Level 0 at the starter spawn location.


Foolishly attempted to fix it by relogging before buddy explained to me about the .bak files, so the combination of me taking a casual user stance, you guys not providing me with an easy option to create my own save files, and whatever problems caused the crash combined caused me to lose all those hours of play. It won't happen to me again because I create my own backups now, but boy does it feel stupid to have to write my own application to create backups of your games save directory when I know you guys could have included that in your game in the first place.


Love your game. Appreciate the spirit of your design decision on the "one save" file, hate to tell you but, you CANNOT force end-users to play it the way you think it is best played, so you might as well provide them with the options to play it how THEY want to play it and maybe suggest trying to stick to one save file (short of IO disasters which corrupt the last file).

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