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Anyone having trouble with campfires?

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So, I have all three add-ons in the campfire, so I know that's not the problem. Used the campfire earlier with no problem, now when I try to use it I can not queue up any food items. I can queue up drinks and glue, but not anything else. I have to cook food one at a time and for some reason the items are not taken out of the inventory, I just get cooked food after the correct amount of time.

I've tried closing out the game and restarting, destroying the campfire and building a new one, neither works. I have 2 saves, and just to double check, one works fine while the other one has this problem.


This is on single player Alpha 19.1 b(8).



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I don't have any issues with it.  Did you start the save in 19.0 and let steam update it to 19.1?  A new game is recommended when playing experimental. 


Try letting steam update it to 19.2 and try it again.  If that doesn't work then start a new game just to test it. If it works fine then your save might be corrupted. 

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