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I have a little .xml question about passive effect, a property or something.

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Hello 7daystodie Community,
I have a little .xml question.
I have already invested many hours to find out for myself and have already achieved successes but not what I wanted.
Therefore I ask you now and hope that you can help me further.

Is there a passive effect, a property or something similar that simulates daylight?
Or is there some other way to simulate it?

I would be very happy about a positive answer from you.

With friendly greetings

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On 10/30/2020 at 9:38 AM, SquareKnights said:

Wow, I didn't get a message that you replied to me.

yes, @Mihail that's what I'm looking for .. that you could plant underground .. that you could only plant with a torch or a certain "fluorescent light".



I think I have an answer! Or, at least a workaround.  It's not the lights, it's the plants -

In the blocks.xml file, the plant blocks have the following available properties:

<property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelGrow" value="8"/> default, light required for growing up
 <property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelStay" value="0"/> default, light required for not dieing off

Mushrooms have both set to 0 so they can grow indoors.  So, one option is to experiment with the light level to see at what point an indoor light is enough for the plant to grow (say, lightlevelgrow to 5 or 6 and see what happens). And then set that value for all of the crop blocks.
Another option is to create an indoor variant of all the crops you want to grow indoors with that reduced light value.

Take a gander at all the blocks that start "planted" to get an idea of what you're looking at. 

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