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Zombie no damage block


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I suppose you could try altering this entry in items.xml and then looking at the nailgun. Only try Action0 as the repair action for the zombie hand and not Action1.

<item name="meleeHandZombie01">

and then looking at the nailgun.

<property class="Action1"> <!-- UseAction -->
        <property name="Class" value="Repair"/>
        <property name="Delay" value=".73"/> <!-- Repair actions still need the delay amount -->
        <property name="Repair_amount" value="1000"/>
        <property name="Upgrade_hit_offset" value="-5"/>
        <property name="Repair_action_sound" value="nailgun_fire"/>
        <property name="Upgrade_action_sound" value="nailgun_fire"/>
        <property name="Allowed_upgrade_items" value="resourceWood,resourceClayLump,resourceSnowBall,resourceScrapIron,resourceForgedIron,resourceForgedSteel,resourceConcreteMix,resourceCobblestones,ironDoor1_v1,vaultDoor01,scrapHatch_v1,vaultHatch_v1,resourceYuccaFibers,resourceCloth,resourceScrapPolymers,resourceNail"/>
        <!--<property name="Restricted_upgrade_items" value="concrete"/>-->
    <property name="Group" value="Tools/Traps"/>
    <property name="RepairExpMultiplier" value="10.8"/>


Only try Action0 as the repair action for the zombie hand and not Action1.

Zombies won't have the upgraded materials to repair so I'd try 


  <property name="Allowed_upgrade_items" value="*"/>

<property name="Allowed_upgrade_items" value=""/>

to start. Have fun messing with it!

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