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Minecraft-like bundles

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I don't know if you've heard, but it was announced that MInecraft is going to add in this item called "bundles" which allow you to combine items of different types into a single stack. As a programmer I could see how that could mess with the 7dtd's performance and memory usage, not to mention being a pain to debug, but being able to condense all of my inventory clutter would be SUCH a welcome QoL feature.


If anyone thinks this would negatively affect the game from a balance perspective, please speak up.

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Inventory management is part of the game concept (of survival generally and acknowledged by the devs of this game). This is why the game has a small inventory in vanilla and there exists a perk like pack mule and mods that increase your unencumbered inventory space.


If TFP wants you to have a bigger backpack they could simply increase the inventory (didn't they do this between A18 and A19 already?). There exist several mods that already do this, it isn't rocket science.



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