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No holds barred server (porting fixed)

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Hey guys just wanted to post a update of my server and give some info about it and how we work 

no holds barred is a pvp anarchy server 

And community and is our first of two servers while the new world order overhaul is in development 

it’s a no wipe long haul server where you can trade make allies raid build as big as you like and more 


you start in prison from there you may do as you please just cannot camp at or damage the prison as it’s the sole spawn point, we may add events when the community is large enough to run them 


cheats and exploits aren’t acceptable


whenever the server must be wiped builds will be saved to prefab and placed into the restarted world and sent to the player if you like a copy of your hard earned build 


our system 

the server is hosted on my gaming rig running on a 1TB raid 0-1 4x500GB hdds, it has a intel core i9-9900K and 48GB ram soon a backup system shall be installed that’ll back up to an internal hdd plus a over Wi-Fi hdd should the unfortunate happen and the psu goes pop or a catastrophic drive or system failure wipes the internal drives 


we have a Facebook page where I post videos of the server and discord where info of both servers: no holds barred and the new world order is held 


fb: (shall update when I can find the link) 

discord: https://discord.gg/pq5mGCn

(These are the correct port and ip)


port: 26900


settings of the server:

120 minute days 

8 day horde with 7 day swing and 7am warning 

day walk, night run, feral horde sprint 

Zed damage is 100%
5 claims per player protection 41 dead zone 20 

shared kill 1km 

air drop 2 days marked 

loot 200% re-spawn 7 days 

xp 200% 

drop on death backpack only 

difficulty nomad 

online multiplayer 32X

offline multiplayer 100X 


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