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Kill Bases - 19 versions still work in 19.1?


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Hey guys, 


Does anyone know if the kill bases from 19 still work in 19.1?   


We started a new game/server and are looking to make a kill base in it now that we finally got all the skills/components.  However, with all the powerful/accurate acid sprays going around with the 19.1 update... I'm a bit nervous if the 19 version bases are still viable. 


Horde nights have always been an issue for us.  They're definitely a lot of fun, but just feels plainly unfair (in terms of risk/reward to resource/repair cost), to the point of increasing time between hordes, decreasing health or reducing damage/amount of zombies spawned.  (We both simultaneously died 4x on the last one, Some of which is due to our regular server settings, I'm sure)  Low drop rate, constant amount of zombies, amount of damage they do, all the acid and birds they spawn.... they're just eating all the reinforced fighting bunker options we've built.   Vault doors don't stand a chance (They ate through 2 of them in under 20 seconds) and they eat through layers of steel/reinforced concrete ridiculously fast.




The two bases we are looking at are the "Galaxy Brain Base" and "The Processor".


Not sure if I can link to youtube, but they should be easily found from their name.


Galaxy Brain Base! 7DTD A19! Beats Max Settings: Insane w/ 64 zombies Gamestage 650+ - Zanthyst Gaming

7 Days to Die | The Processor | Turns Zombies into Loot | Hands Free Way to Deal With Endgame Demos  -  Grand Spartan




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The processor base still works. Grand Spartan uses a more compact version in his permadeath series with only 4 blade traps instead of 8. It happened to him twice that a Demolisher exploded in the base and destroyed the blade traps. However, the dart traps and the electric fences were enough to take on the horde.


Here is the video of that latest horde night



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