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Hi guys!
If you like the food truck, then you can build it.


Materials used:
Car Wheel Flat - 4pcs
Concrete 1/2 Block Trim Split - 6pcs
Widow Store One Sided Empty - 4pcs
Widow Store Four Sided Empty - 1pcs
Commercial Door 2 - 1pcs
Metal Stairs - 1pcs
Wooden Sign 1m - 1pcs
Duct Soft Corner 2 - 1pcs
Sidewalk Curb - 1pcs
Sign: Shamway Sale - 1pcs
Concrete Half Plate - 1pcs
Soda Fountain - 1pcs
Corr.Metal Ramp Incline Half 1 - 2pcs
Industrial Light - 2pcs
Cash Register - 1pcs
Water Cooler Bootle - 1pcs

"Wet Concrete Block"
Wet Concrete Corner Round Top -4pcs
Wet Concrete Corner Round - 16pcs
Wet Concrete Plate (wall 4pcs + ceiling 4pcs)
Wet Concrete Block - 4pcs
Wet Concrete 1/2 Block - 3pcs

"Paint number"
82, 112, 60, 141, 7, 152, 118, 143, 163, 153, 31, 111, 72, 109, 116, 134, 78.
(of course paint as you like)

Thank you for attention :)








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