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What is the name of this SoundDataNode?

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This SoundDataNode makes me hate bloodmoons with a passion. The sound occurs while me and my friends are fighting the hordes; I hear the same sound when I attack the trader. It would be nice if this sound could be toggle off/on... it's a nightmare having to listen to that sound countless times throughout a bloodmoon. In the video you can hear the sound after I shoot trader rectum SoundDataNode

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I think it may be this?


<SoundDataNode name="keystone_impact_overlay"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_Impact_Small"/>
    <AudioClip ClipName="Sounds/Misc/keystone_impact_overlay"/>
    <LocalCrouchVolumeScale value="1.0"/> <CrouchNoiseScale value="0.5"/> <NoiseScale value="1"/> <MaxVoices value="3"/> <MaxRepeatRate value="0.5"/> </SoundDataNode>


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