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Color Correction and procedural doors

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 Hi its me again. Dear Fun Pimps, this beautiful game needs proper color correction. first of all, SATURATION must radically reduced IN SHADOWS, and at night of course. Because human eye cant recognize colors at night or in dark place. This method used by many other games and do image more physically correct. This is just a fact and needed to be done. Second, this game needs correct color correction for shaders show up their whole beauty. I set in game gamma to zero, and using RESHADE shaders little bit calibrate shadows, contrast, brightness and gamma. In nvidia i set SHRPNESS let flew in the game. Now image just blow my mind. NOW outdoors bright and beaty, indoors dark and creepy, like in yours filthy nightmare. Try it, but take a flashlight. So, i think that must be in game, and also LOCK color correction game settings to all such as image if you try brighten it - losts image information. So go on on link and behold by yourself.

PROCEDURAL DOORS, i think doors needs physics, at least on client side. This is just for might to open doors smooth and quiet. Because doors sound must attract zombies AND players of course. I think realize this like "hand tool" take door and grab it to open or close. Door doing proper sound of lock when its closed or opened. Its really dramatically goin up atmospheric gameplay experience. I think that is not complicated for You... And as always, thank you for all.



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