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6 hours ago, LadyD said:

i was able to play when 19.1 came out, and now when i have opt out of betas selected, it's 19.0 when i try to get on my server and incompatible. i don't know what else to do, what am i missing? :(

Check again that you really have "NONE - Opt out of all betas" selected in steam. Also check again that you really see 19.0 in the upper right corner if you start the game.

Also check what version you have on the server, is it 19.1?


If all is a yes, something is seriously wrong. As a first small test set steam to download "19.0". It should download some data. Then set it back to "NONE - Opt out of all Betas". It should download some data, again. Start the game, check again what it says about the version.


If it still isn't right, then go to the "general support" section in this forum and read the thread that says to read it before sting. It tells you how to find the logfiles of the game and how to post them here. You should post client as well as server log.

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