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About Double clearing POIs and how to fix it

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I could see where they might want "Quest Only" loot objects that are only available once a quest has been started.


Otherwise, I don't mind double looting, specially if we're talking mostly about mundane things like salvaging doorknobs and looking through cabinets.

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pls dont listen to this guys. Double looting is no problem at all! Most servers have rules to not destroy any loot containers and thats good for reason!

To repsawn the POI gives you the opportunity to destroy lootcontainers without ruining the world for other players.


Pls dont "fix" this. There is no fix needed. When anybody dont wanna play the POI 2 times, they are not forced to do so.


It doesnt matter if double looted or just make the next quest, no difference.


ps. exept for retarrrr dudes who nerdpole their way to the final loot and straight to the best containers. For this players, they can play the way they wanna play, there is no solution anyways and i am happy to see it more and more in serverrules they ban this nerdpole looting.

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i forgott some players (see edit history)
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I have engaged in this and have mixed feelings about it. My only suggestion:


IF a new system is implemented to deter/prevent/eliminate double looting, then it absolutely MUST! have an easy-to-use option toggle in the singleplayer game settings pane and of course for server config too.


It is the DEPTH of bad business for a game developer to (a) Give a Reward in a game, then (b) Take that reward away. This has nothing to do with any particular philosophy of game design or "good user experience," it has to do with good COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT. Any time you "nerf" something which a segment of your user base regard as "canon" and which they have incorporated into their habitus for playing the game, they are going to whine about it like a Screamer at that time of month and avoiding that kind of thing is clearly a good motive.


I wouldn't be surprised if this game (and EVERY game pretty much) is available on one or another "Pirate Bay" type of site, and I say that not to condone it, but simply to point out: it is IMPOSSIBLE to control the way the world uses your game. When you've given them a particular "exploity" method for using your game, it is best to never truly "take it away" and simply turn it off by default but allow them to turn it on with a ready line in a config file or even an option toggle . . . Option toggles shut up the drama queens . . .

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1 hour ago, Diche_Bach said:

It is the DEPTH of bad business for a game developer to (a) Give a Reward in a game, then (b) Take that reward away.

I would agree with you if this were not an early access game.   As such, you need to expect that changes will occur and sometimes those changes remove something that people wouldn't want removed.  A perfect example (not to open a can of worms) but we used to be able to craft quality 6 items.   

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