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It would be cool if they added other means of defending urself against zombies

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it would be sweet if we could get shields as off-handed armor/weapon, as well as the ability to shove zombies. i was also thinking it would be cool if they added a taunt kinda thing to the game as well. i play with my friend and he usually builds himself using guns and i build myself with heavy armor and blunt weapons with a side of shotguns. it would be cool if they added a taunt cause then i can rip aggro off of my friend so he can get somewhere safe. shields or just the ability to block and or shove would be cool cause when in a fight with multiple zombies even in heavy armor it can mean death and that extra added defense would be cool. shoving would be a good way to maintain distance from the zombies so they dont get in ur face as much. the only real way to keep ur distance is to strafe backwards and or shoot them.


plus as a kid I always said it would just grab a metal trashcan lid and a large knife in a zombie apocalypse lmao.

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Well, first hand, most weapons are two handed, save for the the basic stone tools, and other tools. There are no 'other' ways to protect yourself against zombies, you put up offensive defenses, such as mines, turrets, etc, you place walls spike traps, and you shoot or use melee, no reason to add shields into a game where you wouldn't be able to use it with a weapon


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there is a few onehanded melee weapons such as the machete and clubs. its also something that helps more for when your inside a house or inside some other building other than your base right. I mean laying mines and turrets isn't a bad idea but it would be cool if they added it. I mean Minecraft and project zomboid have the ability to have an offhand. obviously wouldn't be able to use them with bats and sledgehammers. you cant tell me it wouldn't be cool to have a shield and like a machete or the new steel club. 


to be fair though Minecraft has all one-handed weapons sans the bow. so if they did for what ever reason add an offhand slot they would have to make it so a 2-handed weapon fills off-hand and primary hand. machetes and clubs only filling the primary hand. also even advanced tools are one-handed. such as the hammer and the nailgun. pistols are one-handed as well. 


even dying light has shields. albeit they are a toggle kind of thing. idk I feel it isn't a outrageous thing to ask for off-hand weapon/defenses options.

I mean it would go like wood shield, scrap shield, iron shield and then steel shield. wood shield only costing maybe plant fibers a couple rocks and wood. scrap shield requiring duct tape maybe like 200 scrap iron and some leather. then iron shield would be like 25-50 iron ingots some duct tape and leather. steel shield being steel ingots duct tape and leather. I cant think of any other materials that have binding properties but you get the picture.


as for taunting it would be the 3rd or 5th bonus from the heavy armor tree or even make it its own new skill. essentially would want there to be a way for me to attract zombies to my location so the player can either set them up for a ambush or keep them away from valuables or even so much as keep them off of a wounded teammate. u can implement something like noise making items like firecrackers like in dying light, or u can make stuff like some kind of tech abomination that u throw and it makes noise through a small speaker. hell u can just make an easy small shoutout like "hey screw you zombie!" and they divert their attention to the shouter.


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