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Traders stop working after finishing Tier 4 Quests completion (KeyNotFoundException)


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I run into problem where immediately after finishing bunch of T4 quests, in the way that it finishes my T4 Quest completion, traders stop working.

Console gives error "KeyNotFoundException", and log file looks like this https://pastebin.com/MZYbyxSS


I've 4K random generated world, and everything works perfectly before finishing that T4 Completion quest, which then breaks trader. Error happens when trying to talk to trader.


No mods installed, and files are validated through steam.



Oh, answering to my own question. Now when I went through prefab configs, it seems that my world doesn't have any T5 prefabs, and I believe that breaks traders?

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Here's generationinfo.txt:

World Name: Hezuda Mountains
Original Seed: rbdfgbdfgbdfgbd
Biome Weight (Snow): 1
Biome Weight (Pine): 2
Biome Weight (Burnt): 1
Biome Weight (Desert): 1
Biome Weight (Wasteland): 1
Data Export Time: 1 minutes 13 seconds
Total Generation Time: 10 minutes 16 seconds

I checked with POI teleporter, that there's no single apartment_brick_6_flr, factory_lg_01, factory_lg_02, hospital_01, skyscraper_01, skyscraper_02 or skyscraper_03 POI's in the map.

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No worries, I gotcha on the bug report (unless you just really wanted to). Although, interestingly, I've generated that same seed 4 5 times and didn't get one with zero t5 pois. Two I had 1 factory_01 and factory_02, another had those two and a sky scraper, and another had 2 of each of the factories. But, deleting them reproduces the issue so there is confirmation in that aspect.


Confirmed it and reported internally 

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