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2scope, trigger group simi, muzzle brake; Choose TWO

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if i use a scope i want to place precise single shots, what means recoil is almost irrelevant

semi-auto-mod on a pistol is pretty pointless, since a pistol is already semi auto.


So basically it depends, but all three of them don't really have synergies, no matter which 2 you choose.

If you don't have any better mods and just install them because of their damage increase, fine.


So eg. i have usecases for a pistol:

Sneak-sleeper-killer: 2x scope and silencer

Emergency-Escape-Pistol: muzzle break and magazine extender (depending on gamestage and availability also rad-remover and/or cripple-em)


full-auto-mod or burst-mod ist imho to heavy for the small pistol magazin size (even with magzine extender).

Red-dot or laser sight imho are absolutely useless, besids maybe you play without crosshair.

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For fully automatic weapons like the SMG (which i think is 9mm), Ak-47 and Assault rifle i love to put at least 2-4xscope and Semi-trigger thingie. And a mag extender/drum magazine if available. Saves me a lot of ammo. So much, i didn't have to craft a single round before day 50. For pistols i prefer the 2xscope and a mag-extender.


I didn't find the SMG early enough in my last play, and in the end i just had an assault rifle and 2 stacks of 7.62 ammo with me when out looting. And a turret in case i expected tougher resistance.


edit: One thing i would really like them doing, is one way or another list , in game, which mod fits which weapon. Either on the weapon, or on the mod.

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Scope and brake. 

The 9mm pistol already is single fire...but even with the SMG, I can single fire it with my finger most of the time.  If I squeeze of two by mistake, it's not a big deal so I'd go for the zoom and recoil reduction.

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Doesn't the trigger group also increase rate of fire? IF I'm not confusing that with another mod.. the effect didn't look too big in the numbers, but it felt pretty significant. You'll only gain from that when firing fast enough, of course, so the utility depends on your play style and adaptability (that's not a word, is it? :) )

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Pistol: Silencer, reflex sight, mag extender (swap silencer for muzzle brake if not going stealth)


SMG: Silencer, reflex sight, drum mag (same thing w/ muzzle brake applies here)


G6 versions I simply add a rad remover as the 4th mod


Running as stealth, I see less of a need for 2x scope since I'm fairly up close due to range reduction of the silencer.  I have the UC book set complete so no dmg penalty.  2x scope is valid option tho to get the scope dmg bonus (assuming that book from Sniper applies to all guns and not just rifles)

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