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13 minutes ago, khzmusik said:

Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy with "infinite" water that didn't decrease when you e.g. dipped a glass jar in it. As long as it looks at least somewhat realistic.


Also, I'd be absolutely ecstatic if it were possible to have waterfalls in the game (POI placed would be good, but even better would be random gen waterfalls). That's probably asking too much though.

I dream of the following scenario:


The map is split by a mountain range. On one side is a big lake on a higher elevation, you start on the other half. Through some event or quest in mid game a dam breaks and slowly (over say 2 weeks) the half you are in is flooded with water.

In the 2 weeks you have to find a place on the other side emerging out of the water to build your new base in and transfer your most precious stuff to it. While all the usual stuff like horde nights happens in between and your old base slowly sinks.


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Well, same game, day 39. Still no boars, but FINALLY found a beaker. Got 4 in one day. (live on stream, so no cheatin to get'em)

Got the steel tool schematic too.


STILL need the workbench schematic. Started dropping pts into INT, so I figure RNG will wait until I can make it via that route, then drop

a bunch of the books.


(trader has a working bench, so made my tools, 3 pcs steel armor all I had parts for, and 2 chem stations)


Oh, one trader had a motorcycle chassis for sale and the full motorcycle. Bought the chassis as I could make the handlebars.

I has motorized wheels now. Sold the 4 minibike chassis and 2 handlebars. (I hate the sound of it)


Other test game, trader had a beaker on day 1. Go figure.



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On 10/2/2020 at 12:02 AM, Naz said:

I can't say for sure for that aspect ratio, i have a 21:9 3840x1600 and 7dtd seems to work quite well with it. The only 2 nit picks i have really is 1. the loading screen images get stretched, it's not too bad in 21:9 but it would be worse in 32:9 i'd imagine, but not a big issue. 2. some ui elements are sometimes not positioned conveniently for ultra wide users. Things like the buff pop outs and active quests are right in the far corners and can strain your eyes a bit stretching to look over there. But those are very minor issues and as a whole it works quite well on ultra wides, so i'd say go for it.

No mate, doesn't work well. I have one and if you stick to normal FOV, then there are no benefits to the widescreen (you would see an enemy at the same time others would on smaller monitors). If you turn FOV up, then it massively distorts images and messes with the distances. Things front and centre look far away but you turn the mouse and they are suddenly right next to you. REALLY hurts the eyes and messes with the head.

On that note, I was very disappointed that many newer games have this same issue. So far, I've only seen two games handle it really well. Satisfactory (great game, btw) and the new Metro game.

Back to 7dtd, the HUD items aren't in the best location, being to the far left or far right, causing a lot of head turning.  I'd suggest going for a non-ultrawide 4k monitor unless you do productivity things. Then it's really good if you set the screen up correctly with some third party apps.

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16 minutes ago, wolfbain5 said:

did, and still doesnt change what I said. the second half may dissipate, but the first part is still infinite. and they are tied together.

( face + palm ) + ( head + desk )


The second half was the joke.  Minecraft doesn't have those kind of water effects at all.  It's likely a cleverly hidden blender render.

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Just now, The Gronk said:

( face + palm ) + ( head + desk )


The second half was the joke.  Minecraft doesn't have those kind of water effects at all.  It's likely a cleverly hidden blender render.

ah, sorry, havent kept up with mc since 1.12. waiting on some mods in 1.15 to finish before I go back and take a look. would been a nice way to empty a bucket tho

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3 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:

Has anybody tried placing a bicycle in their base and used a design to mass kill the vultures that spawn so that the player could then harvest them? 🤔

Boring. I built a short round race track (partly through a house, partly with turrets and electric wire and partly underground). Didn't test it on horde night yet, but it probably will be "one of those interesting times" your enemies wish you to live in.


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3 hours ago, Anthonydevidal said:

Hello @madmole , what are you working on right now?   and other question


When your brother and you don,t agree on something...how do you fix it? Who commands more?  


a greeting



It normally starts with a greeting/test of strength....😅



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3 hours ago, Ragex7 said:

Awesome Stuff..

Would like to see you guys making crafting a bit harder in the game.

Like wood frames that uses nails and a crafting table , or hand craft can be like 200% slower.

Concrete needs like water and bucket for each 100 or so.

Smaller detail in crafting gear and weapons.

And most important is to put weapons, Tools and gear degrade stats on. Fk its so boring running from day 35 with the same tier 6 shotgun and gear and Boom 1x repair kit and I'm good again.

Transport can use more that A repair kit to jump from 50% durability to 100%

So much i can think of.




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