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J.P. Nixon

Pushing the architecture

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Wanted to share a few pictures of our home base.


Took weeks of casual play to finish it. It is a custom map. But no mods. No spawning material.


The pinnacle stands 72 meters high. Seven floors; including a gyro hanger with landing/take off strip, a floor of twelve apartments/living quarters, a fabrication floor, 256 farmplots, and a storage floor with named crates for nearly everything in the game. Mostly solar at this point, still some 5 and 6 level solar cells to go.


This project took 3 1/2 people - one scavenger and perimeter defense, two miners, and one miner/food prep. The superstructure and skin was built largely by myself; and the interior decoration/walls by another.





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1 hour ago, hiemfire said:

Distinct Goa'uld vibes coming off the design. Nicely done.

lol Everyone says that! If the gyro's flew half as well as the Deathgliders we'd be set!


Working on a video tour. Pictures don't quite do it justice. Hoping to have it up this week if your interested.



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