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Instead of Stone Age...

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23 minutes ago, alanea said:

is this progressions so slow ?:D i mean you cant survive  first hour or two using stone tools  before you move to full iron self crafted set?

Read again what i wrote! 🙄


The first week with just stone tools is to slow GAMEPLAY FOR ME to play it again after i did it several times already. Iron age for me is not covered by just having iron tools but no skills for e.g. stamina. I already wrote that! I want to start in an advanced state at all. But why do i even repeat my self the third time, obviously you are not understanding (if even reading?) what i wrote and i'm almost sure you will still not after i repeated it one more time.


If you don't want to do so, just don't do it. There is no need to discuss what i'd like to have as an option (and i already got as a modlet), just because you wouldn't use it.

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On 9/22/2020 at 9:04 AM, RipClaw said:

Because you can easily pick up a stone but not scrap metal. At least in this game.


You 100% can gather iron with nothing but a stone axe. You could probably do it with your bare hands, if the game didn't require you to smash something to pieces before you're allowed to pick it up. 


I'd prefer to remove the stone tools entirely in favour of scrap, so... either start the player with a scrap-axe (like how you start with a torch and some chilli) or add a way to gather metal without any tools at all. 

Even that is only a problem because you have to 'break' metal items to get the metal out, instead of just picking up some junk off the ground.

Signposts, car-frames, railings, barricades. There's metal everywhere and gathering it is only an issue because you can't just pull bits off until after you punch the item to death. 


Replace the 'scrounging for rocks on the ground' portion of the tutorial with 'looking in trash-piles for empty cans or cookpots that can be scrapped for iron' (Maybe add more scrappable iron items to go with the lead fishing weights and the brass candle-sticks and doorknobs?) 


Or just start us with a couple of empty cans or something. Have the implication be that we had more food but we used it all and we're now on our last can of chilli. 


Or just make it so that you can craft a quality 1 scrap tool with the amount of iron you get from a single tin-can, so you can start the game, eat your chilli and immediately be ready to go?

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