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[EU] [PVP] Black Death / A19.1 / WIPE 22.09.2020

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Hello everybody and Welcome to the [EU] [PVP] Black Death / A19.1 / WIPE 22.09.2020 Community!
We would like to announce our server here in order to gain some cool people to play with.
The server is a high performance, advanced RAM server that comes with 42 Slots, based in Frankfurt, Germany.
We are fairly new, but come with huge server experience in and outside of 7 days to die.

Server Infos : 

Name : [EU] [PVP] Black Death / A19.1 / WIPE 22.09.2020
Version : Latest Experimental (A19.1)
IP & Port

Map : Nitrogen 6k map (the map is a bomb! :D)

Modded xml files : spawning.xml, items.xml, progression.xml (Alot more zombies! Rebalanced stack sizes [max x2]! And lvl 500!)*
The modifications are all serverside! No mods needed to download!

Rules : Generaly PvP! / NO PvP at Traders (in and arround the Traders) / NO glitching in any form.

Max Level : 500 (But Vanilla skill system - means after lvl 200 something, you just gain levels to "achieve" still something.)


Game Difficulty: 3
Day Length: 120
Day Light Length: 18
Drop On Death: Backpack Only
Player killing mode: Kill Everybody
Max Animals: 50

Max Zombies: 80
Zombie Movement (daytime, normal zombies): Walk
Zombie Movement (nighttime, normal zombies): Sprint
Zombie Movement (Feral zombies): Jog
Zombie Movement (Blood Moon): Sprint
Zombie difficulty: Normal
Loot Respawn Days: 2
Land Claim Expiry Time: 7
Land Claim Decay Mode: Full protection until claim is expired 
Land Claim Online Modifier: 20
Land Claim Offline Modifier: 45
Loot bonus: 200%
XP bonus: 200%
Air Drop Frequency: 24

Looking forward to see you guys on the server!

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Modded infos (see edit history)
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Hello all!

Spawns.xml has been fully modified yesterday from first to the last day, including every biome and day or night.

The results are kinda cool - you will never be bored of too little zombies again :) Specialy in certain biomes, you maybe dont want to stay for long in.



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  • Mousebots changed the title to [EU] [PVP] Black Death / A19.1 / WIPE 22.09.2020

Hello all!

On request of the players, i have modded certain stack sizes. Every stack has been individualy rebalanced, but nothing is higher then 2x to not give you endless inventory space.

2 examples : Ammo stacks now up to 300. Ressource stacks that were 6k have been changed to 8k.

Im also happy to announce that the server has finaly a solid playerbase, which guarantees alot more fun!


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