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Strange bug with quests.

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Hi, I have a dedicated server. And it has a set of mods on it. All mods are working, but there is a problem! the task to find supplies, or to clear and find supplies - does not work. When I start the quest - there is no marker for supplies, having searched the whole house - nothing is found except for one empty bag. There are 2 mods for tasks - an initial quest and a reward system for a merchant level.

tier rewar system

starter quest


when i started the server for the first time and got to the merchant there was a yellow error that it seems impossible to find the merchant's name.


when I come and run the quest the console gives this error

EndOfStreamException: Failed to read past end of stream

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Is the server running War3zuk? Or any other mods? Starter quest isn't compatible with other mods that also change the startup items.

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