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Waypoints Color System


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[FONT=Tahoma]Hi TFP's & All. Just wondering about the waypoints. Currently we can only set one down, so i was wondering that. What if we had some kind of color system aswell as a maximum of 3 waypoints at a time. It could be similar to a traffic light system say with the Red, Amber, Green, color's. Red = Dangerous Place On Map Or Not Much Loot. Amber = Intresting Area To Check Out/Over Green = Good Area for exploring Or High Loot Chances Or Good building materials. I hope you guy's get what i mean. It doesnt have to be exactly how i have said above, But hope you get my drift. I do believe that we do need more waypoints, However to many will just bog down the compass and make it hard to see if we have more than 3 waypoints. I think that 3 would be a good compromise for a future update. Would also be an ideal world if we could label the said colored waypoints we can place as a Dangerous Area, Neutral Area, Safe Area, You get the idea that it would be good to color and label them, Plus then we can have a visual representation of how dangerous the Area was if we'd visited previously. Anyway's Rock on TFP's, Happy with the 9.0-RGW & 9.1 Update and what i have read about it. Cheers mark117h[/FONT]
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