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Lost char progression after clean exit?

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Played for a few hours with a friend, saved and exited like normal with no crashes/issues during the entire session, but when we went to play again a couple hours later I got the following errors when loading my char and it wound up resetting me to lv 1 along with all my skills/inventory etc..


2020-09-15T09:02:31 188.350 ERR Loading player data failed for player '76561197979941991', rolling back: Attempted to read past the end of the stream.
  at PooledBinaryReader.FillBuffer (System.Int32 _numBytes) [0x00030] in <d7c95f421d354b5e851d6f3126817769>:0 
  at PooledBinaryReader.ReadUInt16 () [0x00000] in <d7c95f421d354b5e851d6f3126817769>:0 
  at ItemValue.Read (System.IO.BinaryReader _br) [0x00007] in <d7c95f421d354b5e851d6f3126817769>:0 
  at ItemValue.Read (System.IO.BinaryReader _br) [0x00098] in <d7c95f421d354b5e851d6f3126817769>:0 
  at ItemValue.Read (System.IO.BinaryReader _br) [0x00098] in <d7c95f421d354b5e851d6f3126817769>:0 
  at ItemValue.Read (System.IO.BinaryReader _br) [0x00098] in <d7c95f421d354b5e851d6f3126817769>:0 
  at ItemValue.Read (System.IO.BinaryReader _br) [0x000f1] in <d7c95f421d354b5e851d6f3126817769>:0 

(The last few lines repeat about 500 times in various sequences)


Just trying to figure out what this error is telling me is going wrong, so I can fix it, or at the very least, try to keep it from happening again?

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