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Presenting base idea: House on Abuse hill!


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The original idea of this base was pretty simple, there was this nice Poi on top of this giant mountain and it looked just great to use. After the first horde wave we noticed something interesting about the base design, it basically confuses the spawn system to a degree where it may not even happen as long as you stand inside the base.


Heres the map and the above view of the base:



The areas marked with the red rectangle are the only places where the dead can actually spawn.


The spawn system ignores the entire inside of the base as its all made of either playermade blocks or just too small to spawn anything into the area.

Here are the picture of the kill corridor of the base:




 Its pretty damm basic, all zombies run up to this point to get almost perma-sstuck in the electric fencing so we can pick them out nice and slow.

The dead climbs up on this ramp to reach us:


As soon as we have enough mats we are going to place some nice bladetraps all around that for the blender feeling. The system also handles that big chasm made with explosives on the right side of the picture (see on the map) as playermade blocks so it too doesnt get any spawns.

They cant spawn inside the base as its all layered up and the only other legit areas to spawn are kind of small what further minimizes spawn chance:




The biggest con of this base is that its in a desert biome so we are continously sweating and you can only do it easily if you find another hill base.

This entire base is Vanilla the only mods what actually affect the base are pickable lanterns what make having light around it much easier. Day 14 arrives soon so we can test out how much it can take on but before that i plan to fill the entire outside of the area with playermade blocks to further mess with the spawn system.


Edit base survived day 14 without any problems, spawns worked as we expected them and the zed only came from the place what we reinforced.

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