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Survivor's the Final Frontier


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Nice video. I just wanna point out that trader camping is low... lol

I used to run a pvp server, all the policing was annoying, but we had some nice competitions and group quests to make up for the boring time being admins. But it was never as good as being just a player in constant fear for your life every time you left your base lol.

Trader runs were the worst: unequip all your gear.. take all the loot you wanna sell... go to trader, sell stuff, see if there's anything you want to buy, not enough money, gotta run back, get more money, risk another journey. Good times lol

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9 hours ago, Danrelius said:

 But does anyone else see the PVP potential side to this game?

Only everyone for the last seven years. But the devs have stuck to their guns. Didn’t even give in during the huge Battle Royale Trend....


They have said they plan to look at developing PvP once their primary vision is done. They know exactly how lucrative the PvP market is but they wanted to create an amazing PvE experience and have stuck to that niche.

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