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Tier V Quests crashing Dedicated Server


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Playing on a dedicated server ran through the steam client (server ran on a separate computer) fresh install for A19 stable


So far the bug has only appeared when we share and activate a Tier 5 clear or fetch/clear quest (no issues on tier 4's and below)


What happens:


2 player in a group

One picks up a tier 5 quest

share with other player

head to rally point and activate the quest

enter the building


The server then freezes, one of the players will be able to see zombies, the other wont. Each player will be able to move around although they will appear stuck in place when views by the other player. No containers can be looted and no sounds heard.


The first time this happened we were nearly at the top of an apartment block clear (no log for that)

The logs attached refer to two crashes which occurred when entering the buildings


The server has to be forced shutdown as does one of the player clients


If the quest is not shared then it can be activated by the player who picked it up and completed with no issues, the other player can come along for the ride.



output_log_dedi__2020-09-10__18-13-34.txt output_log_dedi__2020-09-11__18-18-43.txt

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For a complete picture client logs would be needed as well.


Is it always the same client that does not see the zombies?


By the way, there is a bug using robotic turrets and freezes that is fixed in 19.1. IF you were using a turret at that moment and it was destroying a block, that might explain it. Your description doesn't really sound like it is because of this bug but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

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