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What is the file that governs players.xml?


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So I ran into an issue with a quest being unable to be activated due to a bedroll being inside a POI.

I tried a number of things but eventually got to resetting the region (I deleted it and let the game generate it anew.

It still said a bedroll was there despite the region being wiped.

The output_log.txt does not list it as being locked out.

I commented the bedroll from the blocks file but it still said one was there.

I got to the players.xml which shows the locations of players' bedrolls and land claims.

I searched for bedrolls close, although none should have been close enough to prevent the quest from starting. 

I copied the files over to my machine and started it up locally and it works fine so I then copied that region back over and it still is not working which is why I started looking at the players.xml.

I edited out the entry and saved the file. I deleted all of those player profiles. I restart the server. Despite the region being reset and despite the player profiles being deleted the players.xml reverts back to before my changes.

So...what is governing that and preventing me from making changes to the players.xml?

Why would a quest POI still say there is a bedroll inside if no player has a bedroll inside and the region was wiped clean?

It must be something to do with multiplayer b/c I copied every single file to a local drive and was able to start the quest. Is it a matter of turning off persistent player profiles and editing?

Is it another file such as one of the .bins?


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