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So, I am working on a personalized UI and have been trying to figure it all out for myself. I have run into an issue though with one of the settings I am trying to display on the HUD. I am trying to get the player mobility stat to display on there but I can't figure out what call to use to have it display, if it's even possible. I managed to get the player level displayed even though I never say a clear call for it. I just randomly tried {playerlevel} and it worked. I've tried all sorts of variations to try to get it to display the Mobility % and nothing is working. Any help with if it is even possible would be great, thanks!


Here's the code I have for Player Level. This is basically what I have used to add various things to the HUD. I just change the positioning and 'text={playerlevel}'  entry to the appropriate stat. I just can't figure it out for displaying the Mobility % stat.

<append xpath="/windows/window[@name='HUDLeftStatBars']">
		<rect name="hud" pos="9,156" rows="2" cols="1" width="168" side="right">
			<rect width="91" height="17" pos="1202,-149" controller="PlayerStatsWindow" stat_type="{showcore}" visible="{statvisible}" rotation="90" >
				<sprite depth="6" name="Icon" color="[white]" sprite="ui_game_symbol_check" size="13,13" pos="104,35" foregroundlayer="true" rotation="-90" />
				<label depth="6" name="TextContent" pos="108,-29" font_size="18" color="[white]" justify="center" pivot="topright" text="{playerlevel}" height="35" rotation="-90" />


Even though the code may be a mess, it still works how I want it to and I plan to tidy things up later, if needed.

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