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Children as Zombies...

Do you want Children as zombies into the game?  

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  1. 1. Do you want Children as zombies into the game?

    • Hell! YES!
    • Hell no!
    • I dunno...

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I voted yes. But the truth is that i dont think we'll ever see any zombie kids, in any game of the genre. Question of mortality i guess, or incomfort. There would still be too much people offended and even outraged by seeing anything ressembling children getting shot, even if they're not kids anymore, by being zombies, that developers would surely remove them. I personally think it would add a lot of weight and horror to the dramatic tone. The feeling of despair and the shock, triggered by seeing that even kids were condemned to such horrible fate, would be intense and accentuate immersion.


Thinking of it, we do see babies and pre-teens turned into Necromorphs in the Dead Space franchise... So maybe its not entirely impossible to see zombie children some day.

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Whether zombies or not, killing children in video games never goes down well and always leads to controversy. Most of the time the developers try to make excuses and say that they are not really children or something like that. That's why the developers have decided that only adult zombies will appear in this game.

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7 hours ago, Gazz said:

Long story short: It can get your game auto-banned in several countries. Not worth it.

i mean.... the screamer could be a kid, she is short, she screams, and they are annoying... like Kids 


thats what me and my friend though the screamer was a child.. ik that she is based off a streamer and IRL she is short. but i still believe that its a Child and you can't change my mind :)

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It would add to the ambiance of the game perfectly.  Then again I can no longer play SIMs because the first time I played I recreated my RL family and accidentally burned them all down within the first hour of playing.  So... maybe not.  Granted I was more pissed off at the game mechanics than the burning of my family, but still.  


Like others, I love the idea, but if it puts this fine game in danger of being banned or attacked by Karens then I'll live without it.  

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