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Advice for Higher Level Blood Moons - Base/Defense? Alpha 19 (b180)


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stupid question when we talk about defence designs... do we talk about 32 or 64 active zombies? Because that makes a HUGE difference.

Designs that work with 32 don't necessary work with 64.


I used the kill corridor with hatches for melee like Glock9 or Jawoodle did, but they use 32..... with 64 the zombies come in masses and get pushed in the ceiling, underground, through the walls and appear above/below/behind you.


But while running from the zombies, as they overwhelmed me, i noticed that it was easy to fight them in the 1 block escape shaft. So i used this as design.


Video shows 100 spawned zombie cops but the 42 horde night went similar. Playing alone i forgot that i need to repair the blade traps so at the end it got a bit stressful, but still not much damage to the base. Would make now a 2x2 drop with 3 sides blade traps for less staking of zombies and more spread damage.







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