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Sleeping mechanic


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for now beds are only used to be a respawn point.

I have  good idea of a sleeping mechanic. That would be that 22:00 you can enter your bed in a smooth animation and the time goes a little % faster depending on how many players are lying in their beds. So if 2 players are playing and 1 is sleeping time goes 50% faster. That would be very cool. And at 04:00 you cant enter your bed until 22:00(OR sleeping is always alvailable so we can skip days the legit way instead of using debugmode) And maybe that you wake up when a screamer screams?

I prefer the always sleep option since it would replace the day skipping by console or debugmode.

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I'm not opposed to sleeping being an option for speeding up time, but I've got questions about this proportional approach.


One of the players on our server has various benefits when fighting at night. If 3/4 of us were in bed, does that person have to play the game 75% faster? Would that mean they're facing zombies who sprint AND the game running at 1.75 speed?

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Actually, I feel the game really lacks relevant stuff to build in your base. Put down a forge, a workbench and a chem station... and some farming plots. There, base done! Nothing more needed. So in general, I welcome anything more to actually do to bring more utility to your base.

So I think a bed/sleeping mechanic is a great idea. About speeding up time, it doesn't need to speed up the game speed, just the clock. But I don't feel this would play out well on well-populated servers. You could simply go to bed and take a nap for a short time to get some benefits (like injuries heal faster and regain lost health). To prevent abuse of this, you can only use the bed during a certain time of the day, like between 20 pm and 6 am, and YOU should be put on a "cooldown" that prevents you from sleeping again for a certain amount of time. Also, sleeping should drain your food and water faster. 


There could be at least 3 tiers of beds:
I.  Sleeping bag - Spawn point. Long cooldown. Heal up to 25% of lost health. Injury heal time x1. [Crafting: Plant fibers, Feathers]
II.  Bed - Spawn point. Medium cooldown. Heal up to 50% of lost health. Injury heal time x1.5. [Crafting: Feathers, Cloth, Nails, Wood]

III.  King Size Bed - Spawn point. Short cooldown. Heal up to 75% of lost health. Injury heal time x2. [Crafting: Feathers, Cloth, Iron pipes, Springs]


Then the mechanic could be futher developed with several factors that determine the quality of your sleep. Such could be ailments, nearby zombies, in-doors/out-doors, nearby campfires and other comfort items. Perhaps players will suffer "sleep fatigue" if they never sleep? New meds to mitigate this?

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