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a19 "terrain quality" setting should be adjusted/balanced by devs

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Hey, just testing how much FPS eats terrain quality in a19 b180. You can find people talking about this here, reddit and steam. In past alphas, screen space reflections were eating FPS like hot cakes and devs addressed it. Now terrain quality is the major performance hog.


My specs: 

I7 7700k, 16gb ram, ssd

GTX 1080 8gb vram

win10, latest drivers

1440p vsync off

High preset except terrain quality


Yes, there is visual improvement on clear mountains like desert, but do you think it justifies 40% drop in overall FPS just from low to medium? otherwise, a lot of scenarios almost have no visual difference. Also the difference is barely noticeable between ultra, high and medium. 


To be sure my 8gb VRAM is not giving me problems after this test I lowered textures to half resolution, so the usage was maximum 4700mb (reported by MSI Afterburner overlay graph). Also ensured I was on exclusive fullscreen with ALT+ENTER because sometimes when you apply settings it changes to borderless resulting in a few less fps, but thats a bug the game always had.


I wonder if devs can take a look on this and balance for a19.x or a20? 


complete Album from Ultra to Lowest: https://imgur.com/a/2bTJtGw


Terrain quality medium 



Terrain quality Low



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Terrain Quality is a setting that instantly goes to minimum for me and has ever since I started. the visual quality decrease is absolutely minimal in most cases and it destroys performance on anything higher than low.

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