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Hey there! Been loving this game on console and PC; like many players, I look forward to seeing what is next on any console. I understand the struggles faced with current gen consoles, but upon searching the forum, I didn’t see any conversation surrounding next-gen (PS5 & Xbox Series X). Does TFP have a stance on this? Has it been posted already? If not, can we start a discussion (now that we have system specs) and understand if these consoles will feature the hardware necessary to run the game?


i look forward to seeing more info or having meaningful discussion here. Thanks everyone! 🙂

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TFP won't even look at a possible console version until it's officially done on PC. And who knows how long that will even be.


But even when it does go gold on PC, it's hard to say if they will even be willing to attempt another console version after the experience they had with Telltale.


I seriously doubt next Gen consoles will still be enough to run the final game. But, they could sell a decent version of the game on next gen. They did mention they would look at console though, but there's no guarantee.


Personally though, unless they enable the player to seriously modify certain aspects of the game play, (Digging, exploding zombie gimmick, etc), I would have zero desire to play it. Honestly, the way PC has went last time I looked at it, console version is better. All I wanted was paint, new POIs, updated Navezgane map, maybe balance Traders, and I would've called this game complete.


If we are lucky, might hear something in 2 years from now. Still wouldn't hold my breath at that point.


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thanks for the link Sylen. I have discussed this with my friends who all play as well and while I totally appreciate and respect TFP for stepping up how they did ( yes some will say they should have done more but honestly they didn't HAVE to do anything, that was almost if not all on TTG imho) but I don't understand why they would have invested any if they didn't have a plan for the next console. I have no clue how much they invested to buy the console rights, I am sure it is a lot, but if anything over 5 bucks then why waste the money? The only way they could gain that back is if they had developed some add ons or updated the current version ( which they didn't ) or to plan for the next gen. Without knowing, nor I am I privy to gaining such info, the costs for the purchase and to develop a future version for console I couldn't possibly predict what their objective is in the console realm but I don't think they are virtuous or dumb enough to throw potentially millions so they can have a plaque on the wall stating they own the console rights. My ignorance on it is enough to fill all the oceans twice but from what little nuggets I do know the chances of them developing something seems pretty high. I guess now it is aligning all the right people/companies up and finding the best solution. Thats my 2 cents, keep the change. 

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