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When are the console players getting an update? Yalls game means alot to me, I've been playing since it came out and I still love it to this day but it feels like yall are just abandoning half of your gamer audience, like yall dont care about us....at least give us some news or something...anything...please.

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11 minutes ago, MaggieMonster said:

I sure did, did you see the date of that post? I'm guessing you are a PC player. We get it, you got your full game congrats, the rest of us are still in the dark here.

I feel sorry for whoever taught you to read. They must really suck at teaching. Or you just really suck at reading.


Here is a quote from one of those recent topics that you completely failed to notice.


On 8/13/2020 at 4:06 PM, SylenThunder said:

Most likely Never


The current console hardware is not capable of supporting the client past Alpha 16.


Any further details on updates for the console have already been discussed in-depth recently.


You should probably do some looking around and research before you make offensive posts in all caps.


Here are a few examples from the First page of this forum. It's not like you even had to dig to find them.

console updates/bug fixs

Why are TFP still selling 7d2d on consoles?

Loyalty & Respect

console updates rethink - sign petition

Hopes and Worries about the Telltale Closure and Future of Console Edition


If you chose to flip to Page 2 of posts.

The Last Update

A Letter To The Fun Pimps

Update Xbox version please

Could we at least get an update from the devs?

Will there be a console update?

7d2d console idea (fundraising?)

Console Updates?


It's not like any of those topics are really old either. They go back to the first of June.


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To get the next update;


1). Buy PC.

2). Buy game... again.

3). Play the most recent Alpha cause this game is far from done on PC.

4). Return back to console version since they screwed it up on PC.


Though seriously, they MAY look into releasing a new version of the game years down the road for next gen, but even then I wouldn't hold your breath on it. After getting burned by Telltale, they may not seek to venture into that realm ever.


I had really hoped they would've collaborated with Iron Galaxy, and maybe they have talked behind closed doors. But for this game on console, it's officially done.

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It'd be real nice if they could put that somewhere when purchasing the game. It's ridiculous that I had to pay more to get less content. Nowhere does anything mention that the console version is far behind; so I have to do research after seeing an ad for a game now? 


This is the first time I've ever seen a game cost more on console version yet be nowhere near as complete on the PC. I find it disappointing that it was so difficult to even find out why so much was missing. It's not like you can even easily find it from the front page; shame. 

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On 10/6/2020 at 8:52 AM, justis said:

I also don't understand why the game is more expensive on console

To cover the costs of translating the PC game to console. 


I think they will eventually revisit the console angle once the game advances a bit more. Massive potential in this game.

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