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Banner not showing up

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When I log in I just get a huge empty spot where 7DTD banner should be. If I right click on it and click view image the image will show. If I then go back to forum then it is fine until I am off again for another while then it happens again. When I do click the view image some site pops up about ddos and cloud something or other. Will do a screen shot next time but just wonder if anyone else having this problem.

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I got the Cloudflare DDoS "browser check" once today. Clear your browser's cached web data, that might clear it up. I need to do the same, because for the last few days the header of the forums is now the Browse - Activity - Support menu, and it's getting cut off by a couple of pixels. I assume that there's supposed to be a banner there...

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Yeah, something is wrong with 7days2die.com.



ETA: Ah, I see now. Gamida has a good clue. It's trying to do the Cloudflare DDoS check when loading that image, and failing. If you manually browse to https://7daystodie.com/images/header_g.png, you'll go through the DDoS check and at that point presumably the image is cached and the forums look normal again. Tried in IE (left) and Edge (right) and it starts out borked in them as well.



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