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Motorcycle vs 4x4 which is better ?

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I mostly use the motorcycle myself, it has better acceleration, can turn a hell of a lot better than the 4x4, and it doesn't get stopped by small inclines like the 4x4 does. Honestly if they'd raise the 4x4 up by a foot or so off the ground instead of it basically hugging it like a indy race car, it'd probably be able to handle offroad better than it does. That wheelie/hop feature on bicycle/minibike/motorcycle actually lets them get out of jams, compared to 4x4 where if you get stuck on something you have to pick it up and place it back down as its not getting unstuck on its own, this is noy a major issue when the storage is empty but if its full? Yeah..... Thats why I just stick to the motorcycle.

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I've been using the bicycle, motorcycle, and the 4x4 -- it just depends on what I want to do. I peddle the bike over to the farm and store a shovel and seeds in it. I use the motorcycle for solo missions and exploration. I use the 4x4 for larger missions and multiplayer missions.


I will point out that a motorcycle can fit through a doorway, and if you're willing to do some construction/destruction you can take it with you way up into the tall office building POI, into the high school, and more. 😀

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