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Found a real good way to deal with early buried treasure on 64 max, nomad + always sprint


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Hey so ill leave the time stamp HERE  which I show how I planed and carried out the buried treasure mission, so you can see how simple it is and why you should do this on high difficulty settings with zombies always sprint + 5 or more zombies early game = dead imo when you dont have decent equipment. However for those that prefer to read ill pop the "instructions" here xD and I pray im not wasting your time hoping this is something a little new for you... I hope.

Dig straight down and dig 4-5 blocks into the stone layer, roughly in the middle of the treasure ring area, this is hole is for the zomberts. Pillar up 4 blocks (remove the frames after) and dig a small tunnel in 1 direction like 4 blocks straight (may be lucky and find the treasure too) at that 4th block start to dig around but try keep the hole you made with only 1 access way in case the zombies get up and out.
Once you find the treasure make sure you have a few spikes ready. Put 1 spike at the bottom of the hole, take the treasure, move back to your little tunnel and place down some spikes from the entrance of the hole (dont cover the hole) up to your nose and pelt zombies with arrows. You will have zombies stacking on each other which is why we laid out spikes in front of your nose xD after some pelting and killing you may have 2-3 down in the hole which you can take care of or leave them and @%$*#! off to the trader xD 

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