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A19 RWG - No Trader?


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4 minutes ago, BoxFullOfBoxes said:

Ya my bad, did the full clean & thought that that would delete the out-dated maps from the menu, I see that I launched using the same name as an old map though. Generating a new one. Thanks!



Delete all of them and should be good to go (well, besides old saves)

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On 8/24/2020 at 5:08 AM, BoxFullOfBoxes said:

Completed the first survival quest, then the next quest says "locate trader" but says NO TRADER beside it & there's no icon anywhere on the map. Is this an issue or in A19 does it only give you a trader position if ur within a certain radius or something?

There was the same problem. This method helped.

F1, write dm (debugmenu), enter. Then you need to teleport to the center of the map at coordinates 0.0. The quest will immediately update and the coordinates of the merchant will appear. Then teleport to the place of your respawn and turn off the "dm"

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