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Land Claim blocks bug?


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I've been playing for a while and I've found that I cannot use the land claim box at all.

  • Severity/Priority: (scale of 1-10) 7
  • Steps to Reproduce: craft a land claim block. Be in a existing house (red brick, two story house with basement with red brick fence). try to place land claim block in the approximate center on all three layers.
  • Current Result: Land claim block refused to be placed period.
  • Expected Result: land claim block to be placed.
  • Affected Version: Alpha 19
  • Reproducibility: closed game, reloaded. nothing. shut down game, restarted computer, restarted game. nothing
  • Platform: PC, Windows 10
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6 hours ago, GreenGirl said:

I guess I was. Problem fixed. The trader protection zone seems larger than before. huh. Thanks for the idea.

It's more that the traders in general are closer to town now so it's more likely you'd run into the issue., They used to be off in the woods by themselves.

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