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How to remove vending machines

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Vending machines provide too much food in game, and unrealistically refills every midnight at 24:00 hours. After couple of missions. You have lots of candy from different vending machines, and tons of canned food.

I just want them to be rare, vending machine in traiders are ok.

Tried to remove vendingmachine commented as drinks from blocks.xml but caused tons of errors in map generation.


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You can make them more rare by altering the placeholders for them ... that way you can make more broken ones in the world to replace them these are default settings

<placeholder name="cntVendingMachine2RandomLootHelper">
		<block name="cntVendingMachine2Broken" prob=".66"/>
		<block name="cntVendingMachine2" prob=".33"/>

or make the loot less of a probabilty in traders.xml

<!-- Vending Machines found in the world. -->
	<trader_info id="4" full_reset="true" reset_interval="1" override_buy_markup="1.0" allow_sell="false" min_inventory="6" max_inventory="13" min_items_swapped="6" max_items_swapped="13">
		<trader_items count="10">
			<item group="foodVending"/>
			<item group="foodCandy" count="1" prob="0.70"/>

Or you could change the reset interval .

Hope this helps


Ragsy !!

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